Tournaments of adult club members!

Adult tournaments

Over time, club members want to try their hand at it. They want to compete and to check what they have learned, so we are always organising tournaments for adults of Balzekas Tennis Academy community.

Tournaments are a great opportunity to see what needs to be improved, which place is lagging behind, which side is strong. After all, let's admit it, taking the prize place is a real pleasure.

And we try to have our tournaments in a cozy environment, with tasty snacks, pleasant and warm communication.


The coaches of "Balžekas Tennis Academy" are true professionals in their field, who have trained several European champions and players with high world rankings. We believe that coaches, like other members of our community, should constantly improve, so we send them to various tennis courses and seminars. Each professional works with the age group where they excel the most. All of this is to help you or your children achieve the highest results.

Remigijus Balžekas

Haroldas Tolvaiša

Henrikas Kulnys

Laura Radzevičiūtė

Pavel Avižen

Edvinas Podlūžnas

Aleksandras Česnokov

Ainas Martinaitis

Vytenis Makauskas

Patricija Dubinovičiūtė

Meda Reimorytė

Kasparas Naskauskas

Jonas Balžekas

Linas Uškevičius

Arnas Balžekas

Simonas Giedrys

Tadas Tarasevičius

Ignas Kubilius

Arūnas Klimavičius

Monika Elenska

Arūnas Balžekas

Inga Balžekienė

Simona Šližienė

Ieva Celešiene

Aurimas Budraitis

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