Children's Academy

Children's Academy

Our priority in tennis is the development of young talents. Learning to play tennis is not only about becoming a professional athlete, but also about developing discipline, strengthening the body, learning to communicate and cooperate, and growing as a person. We encourage children's involvement and focus on the basics of tennis. We organize camps, meetings, and help discover talents - future champions.

Children's group training

Formation of children's groups is based on age and level. We individualize sports groups, which means fewer children on the court and higher weekly intensity.

Children's tennis tournaments

Competition on the court is necessary for children like air. That's when the character of a winner develops. Ambitions. The desire to improve. To strive. We grow and strengthen as personalities!

Children's tennis camps

For the seventh year in a row, we are organizing summer camps that attract many children who are interested in sports. In the camps, we develop technical and physical skills. Children also socialize more, get to know our community members and trainers better. We encourage independence and nurture children's personalities! This is very important to us. We also organize day camps during the school holidays, where children have a lot of education, communication, sports, and try various sports disciplines.

Children's fashion

We are creating a line of children's clothing with the Balzekas tennis logo. We want each member of our community to be even closer to us, and us to them.


When can you start learning tennis at the academy?

We accept children into the "Children's Tennis Academy" from the age of 4. They are grouped by age groups to make training more effective.

What do you need to have to start learning?

The academy will take care of all the necessary attributes for the start of sports. All you need to do is choose comfortable sports clothing and shoes.

Can a child be too weak to learn tennis?

No, there is no need to worry about that. When selecting children's groups, we take into account the child's age, physical preparedness, and game level.

How many times a week are tennis training sessions?

The number of training sessions per week depends on the child's age and set goals.
Children of 4-5 years train once a week.
Children of 6-8 years – twice a week.

Where is the best place to buy racquets and equipment for tennis?

We recommend purchasing sports equipment and racquets only in specialized stores. If you doubt what to choose - consult with our coaches. They will advise you on what to buy.


The coaches of "Balžekas Tennis Academy" are true professionals in their field, who have trained several European champions and players with high world rankings. We believe that coaches, like other members of our community, should constantly improve, so we send them to various tennis courses and seminars. Each professional works with the age group where they excel the most. All of this is to help you or your children achieve the highest results.

Remigijus Balžekas

Haroldas Tolvaiša

Henrikas Kulnys

Laura Radzevičiūtė

Pavel Avižen

Edvinas Podlūžnas

Aleksandras Česnokov

Ainas Martinaitis

Vytenis Makauskas

Patricija Dubinovičiūtė

Meda Reimorytė

Kasparas Naskauskas

Jonas Balžekas

Linas Uškevičius

Arnas Balžekas

Simonas Giedrys

Tadas Tarasevičius

Ignas Kubilius

Arūnas Klimavičius

Monika Elenska

Arūnas Balžekas

Inga Balžekienė

Simona Šližienė

Ieva Celešiene

Aurimas Budraitis


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