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About us
Balzekas Tennis Academy was founded in the memory of tennis player Aivaras Balžekas
Aivaras is a multiple Lithuanian champion, winner of various international tennis tournaments. Participant at "Australian Open", "Wimbledon" and "Roland Garros". Tragically killed in the United States of America in 2005.

Coach Remigijus Balžekas. 

Our training bases. 

1. Telšių str. 17, Vilnius (Baltictennis courts)

2. Ozo str. 14C, Vilnius (Delfi sports centre) 

3. Valakupių str. 5, Vilnius (Romeris university) 

Academy vision. To create a cozy and quality infrastructure and a program for children and adults' tennis training. To be a forge of professional players in Lithuania and the road for Academy athletes to the world's professional tennis community. 

Our values​. Desire and zeal, work and discipline, friendship and respect. 

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” - Mohamed Ali.

You are invited to join our team all year round by filling in the registration form in the "Contact" section or simply giving us a call +37068561041. 

Honoured tennis coach in Lithuania. After training the all-time best Lithuanian tennis player, world junior champion, the first in the history ATP Top 100 player Ričardas Berankis. The first Lithuanian Davis Cup team captain after regaining Independence. One of the founders and a longterm leader of the strongest tennis schools in Lithuania, Šiaulių tennis school. Longterm Vice president of Lithuanian Tennis Association.
Tennis coach sine 2002. Former coach of Akvilė Paražinskaitė - two bronze medals won in Junior Olympic Games. A. Paražinskaitė reached 19th position amongst the world's junior tennis players, it is the second best Lithuanian result after Ričardas Berankis.
Tennis coach since 2001. Former coach of Almantas Oželis, who was the champion of Lithuanian and International tournament.
Pavel Avizen
Tennis coach. Lithuanian tennis tournaments champion and prize winner. Education: University of Educational Sciences. Bachelor at Physical education. Tennis coach for children as well as adults since 2008.
Henrikas Kulnys
Tennis coach. Lithuanian tennis, track and field champion and prizewinner. Europe kids track and field festival prizewinner. Former Lithuanian track and field national team member. International championship ,,Sprint Day” winner three years in a row at sprint. Second coach of Haroldas Kulnys, multi champion of varios tournaments and one of the representatives of Lithuania in ,,Baltic countries competition”. Tennis coach since 2014, working with children and adults.
Saulė Valantiejūtė
Tennis coach. Multi champion and prize winner of Lithuanian national tennis tournaments, participant of international tennis tournaments. Representative of Lithuanian national junior team in Switzerland. Currently studying for a Sports and pedagogy Bachelor's degree at Lithuanian Sports University (specialization: tennis). Taking part in training for tennis coaches (ITF Worldwide Coach Conference 2015 Turkey and Baltic Coach Conference Riga). Working as a tennis coach since 2014.
Rūta Radavičiūtė
Tennis coach. Rūta started playing tennis at the age of 6. She is a participant and a prize winner of various tournaments and championships in Lithuania. She won a second place in a mixed doubles Šiauliai tennis tournament playing with Ričardas Berankis.
STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING COACH Shot put master. 8th place in first Olympic junior games. Coach of A. Abramovičius Lithuanian discus throw champion, G. Kupstytė Lithuanian shot put champion, L. Voroneckaja World deaf discus throw champion. Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences - Bachelors degree, teacher qualification. Currently studying for Master degree: P.E. and sports.
Asta Daukšaitė
PHYSICAL TRAINING COACH. Professional athlete. Multiple Lithuanian champion, winner of international competitions. Belonged to the Lithuanian national team in 2004-2016. Physical training coach since 2010.
DEVELOPMENT MANAGER. A passionate amateur tennis player. 8 years experience in banking business development. Joined the academy in 2016. +37068561041 sarune@balzekastennis.lt
Eglė Šalkauskaitė (2006m.)
Ugnė Vingytė (2007m.)
Augustas Gečiauskas (2007m.)
Patrikas Freimantas (2006m.)
Andrėja Žymantaitė (2008m.)
Greta Klimavičiūtė (2009m.)
Gabrielė Vaškelytė (2005m.)
Viltė Tautkutė (2004m.)
Kipras Jonaitis (2007m.)
Arnas Balžekas (2006m.)
Nika Sarbyeyeva (2005m.)
Kristijonas Milašauskas (2008m.)
Milė Cibulskytė (2008m.)
Rostyslav Avtonomov (2005m.)
Sofija Jogėlaitė (2005m.)
Mantė Vaičiutė (2006m.)
Ana Vasiliauskaitė (2003m.)
Matas Bakšys (2008m.)
Rapolas Lapienis (2008m.)
Vilius Vaškys (2010m.)
Ieva Pikelytė (2008m.)
Emilė Paškevičiūtė (2005m.)
Valerija Bogdevič (2008m.)
Roberta Spangelytė (1998m.)
Kamilė Balsytė (2000m.)
Ugnė Butinavičiūtė (2000m.)
Ditė Janovičiutė (2001m.)

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